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Chuck Smith Panelist for “Hotel Energy Management All Stars”

Chuck Smith named panelist for the “Hotel Energy Management All Stars” seminar at the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show (IHMRS) at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. Read more about the conference here at Green Lodging News >

Hilton Concord Sustainability Rebates

January 11, 2013 – Hilton Concord Rebates Received to Date = $121,752.69

Window Film Completed

December 31,2012 – CEO Chuck Smith of Hotel Sustainability Solutions, Inc. (HSSI) announces the completion of the Window Film Application to the Hilton Concord’s east & west facing 11 story tower elevations. Window Innovations installed window film on approximately 329 guest rooms and entrance ways totaling 12,300 square feet. The installation has reduced the transmission of solar, infrared and ultraviolet from 67.67% to only 16.4%  enabling the room temperatures to change from 7-10 degrees and acting as a heat shield for heat loss. Combined with the guest room and public space- Pelican Energy Management System-   a change of the room temperature setbacks will generate significant energy savings. PG&E provided a rebate of $16,560.45 as an incentive towards the cost of implementing the initiative by HSSI.

This implementation is one of 33 sustainability initiatives implemented by HSSI on behalf of ownership, Interstate Hotels & Resorts Worldwide at the Hilton Concord, Concord, CA and demonstrates Interstate’s commitment to achieving Sustainability Leadership in the hospitality industry.  The Hilton Concord is Interstates ”Sustainability Flagship.”

Hilton Concord Sustainability Initiatives – 33 Implemented to date!

December 5, 2012 – Hilton Concord Sustainability Initiatives – Current and Planned

LED Parking Lot Retrofit

November 30,2012 – The parking Lot at the Hilton Concord, Concord, CA has been transformed into an Energy Saving landscape through the installation of thirty-eight (38) LED CREE motion sensor fixtures.  Chuck Smith CEO, Hotel Sustainability Solutions, Inc. announces the recent implementation and wishes to thank Debbie Daniels of Associated Lighting Representative (ALR) and Tony Reyes of Reyes Electric who assisted greatly in executing the program.

HSSI is contracted to develop and implement a sustainability prototype for Interstate Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. The LED retrofit replaced 400 Watt mercury vapor lighting with 204 Watt CREE LED and a step down power to 143 Watts in inactive periods. The motion sensors immediately return to full power with any motion within the fixtures coverage area. “The reduced energy will be a major contributor to the Hilton Concord’s  overall energy saving objectives”, Smith said. Guests and employees along with management are very pleased with the results. The system has added to an enhanced guest experience and has contributed to upgrading security within the parking and travel lane areas. Smith also stated that the CRI of 90+, the true white light and the illumines output has yielded a much greater end result than expected.

Hilton Concord is the “Sustainability Flagship” for Interstate and to date 33 sustainability initiatives have been implemented by HSSI on behalf of ownership, Interstate Hotels & Resorts Worldwide at the Hilton Concord, Concord, CA . The Hilton Concord has established itself as an industry Leader in Sustainability through the leadership of Jack Hlavac, General Manager.

PG&E + Hilton Concord Video Released

November 9, 2012 – The Hilton Concord has been working with Pacific Gas and Electric on all things sustainable. Take a walk through the Hilton Concord in Northern California to see what has been accomplished with HSSI as a major contributor.


Click here for larger video >

More Initiatives Approved Bringing Total to 33 For Hilton Concord

November 8, 2012 – Hilton Concord continues to broaden the gap between themselves and their competition in “Sustainability Leadership”! The hotel now has a total of 33 Initiatives within their Integrated Sustainability Initiatives Platform. Chuck Smith, CEO of HSSI, states that the most recently approved initiatives are planned to be completed by November 30,2012.


For more detail on each initiative click here >

Hilton Concord Sustainability Initiatives Update

October 31, 2012 – Hilton Concord Sustainability Initiatives – Current and Planned

HSSI Confirms Approval of Two Additional Sustainability Initiatives

September 21, 2012 – HSSI has confirmed that ownership approval has been received to move forward with two (2) additional Sustainability Initiatives at the Hilton Concord (Interstate Hotels & Resorts Worldwide “Sustainability Flagship”). The completion of the second phase of Motion Sensors and the retrofit of the Laundry Room Ceiling lighting with CREE LED troffers.

These initiatives will achieve energy efficiencies and an enhanced work environment. “ This now brings the total number of implemented Sustainability Initiatives to 28, further substantiating Hilton Concord Hotels Sustainability Leadership” recognition}, says Chuck Smith, CEO of HSSI.

Electrolux Systems Installation Tour

HSSI hosted Kim Shady, Executive Vice President National Accounts at Electrolux and Ahmet Ibrahim of A2Z Laundry, Electrolux distributor and installer, for a tour of the completed Electrolux Systems installation at the Hilton Concord.  All parties were pleased with what was accomplishment and stayed following the tour to discuss strategy for moving forward.