What We Do:

Hotel Sustainability Solutions, Inc. is a leading hospitality integrated sustainability company. Our hospitality-focused integrated sustainability programs are custom designed for properties of all sizes – from boutique hotels to world-class resorts.

The HSSI program merges sound hospitality business practices with the application of products, systems and technologies to achieve sustainability leadership. The result is increased net cash flow, added asset value, and increased market share.

HSSI Programs focus on the “Triple Bottom Line” – social, environmental, and economic responsibility. We believe all three goals must be achieved for a successful sustainability solution.

The HSSI team has 22 years of engineering, operational and development experience in hospitality. HSSI focuses full-time on the components of a fully integrated sustainability program. This includes knowledge and development of all sustainability initiatives and their beneficial impact on hotel operations. HSSI maintains continuous R & D vigilance enabling us to apply the most advanced technologies to client properties while maintaining our product neutral policy. Our client’s properties have been awarded regional, national and local awards for sustainability achievement.

The most important question addressed in all applications is “What is the impact on guest experience?”  HSSI analyzes, designs, implements and monitors all programs to ensure a robust sustainability solution with high attention paid to positive guest experience.