Our Committment

Hotel Sustainability Solutions, Inc. Client Commitment:

  • Will always remain Product and/or System Neutral and select or negotiate only in the best interest of you the client.
  • Will maintain a diligent Research Program making recommendations on the most cost efficient and proven applicability solutions to meet your needs, applicability standards, and achieve stated goals and objectives.
  • Will not apply mark-ups or fees to any product or system selected for your defined Sustainability Program. All negotiated benefits will always accrue to you the client.
  • We will work with your personnel in a manner that will promote them in all implementations, achievements and recognitions.
  • We will promote your company and your property(s) Sustainability Achievements in every manner appropriate (local, regional and national) to achieve hospitality industry leadership and environmental recognition, and be the recipient of all awards available.
  • We will pursue every incentive, rebate and reimbursement applicable to your sustainability program from the applicable agencies for the property and its location. Such realized incentives, rebates and reimbursements shall be utilized according to the client’s discretion.
  • We will conduct ourselves with best practices and professionalism at all times and treat all personnel with integrity, cooperation and encouragement for their achievement and personal pride.
  • We understand the uniqueness and operational standards within the hospitality industry and will maintain those principles in our implementation phase.
  • We will always consider the impact on Guest Experience when considering any system, product or implementation procedure. A thorough analysis will be conducted to determine positive, negative or neutral impacts and all mitigation adjustments shall be applied to the decision making process for the client’s final decision.
  • We shall be fully sensitive to all property operations to achieve the least disruptive impact, and where impact may occur, work with all personnel to achieve minimum impact with a cooperative plan.
  • We shall perform our services with complete transparency with you the client, excepting any applicable proprietary information.
  • We shall maintain and adhere to all confidentiality requests, requirements, and information provided necessary to our engagement and policies the client may request throughout our engagement. Such items shall be discussed prior to beginning the engagement.
  • We shall adhere to the posture that “A Fully Integrated Sustainability Program Implemented with Sound Business and Environmental Practices is an Integral Component of Value Creation”.
  • We shall diligently strive for long-term quality performance, operating cost reductions, increased net cash flow, measurable results, environmental impact, and value creation.