Charles A. Smith, CEO

Charles is the CEO of Integrated Sustainability Solutions, Inc., and Hotel Sustainability Solutions, Inc., leading sustainability companies focused on the collaboration and integration of products, technologies and systems providing sustainability leadership, reduced operating costs and added asset value.

Hotel Sustainability Solutions, Inc. played an integral role in the implementation of programs at the Hilton Concord Hotel, which garnered the property the 2013 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) for its outstanding commitment to sustainability and the environment.  GEELA is California’s highest and most prestigious environmental honor and the Hilton Concord was the first Hilton brand hotel to ever win this award.
Recent Notable Achievements
2013 “GEELA” Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Awards
State of California’s and Governors Highest Award in Sustainability Leadership
HSSI was awarded together with client Hilton Concord in the category of Economic and Environmental Partnership.

Actively Involved In The Hospitality Sector For 18 Years In The Areas of:
Development – Acquisition – Pip’s
Government Agencies – Strategic Planning
Operational Interfacing – Political Relationships

Soundly Implemented Integrated Sustainability Programs Resulting In:
Operating Cost Reductions
Increased Property Value
Increased Net Operating Income
Carbon Footprint Reductions
Sustainability Leadership in Competitive Markets

Generation Of Surplus Capital From The Renewable Energy Options:
Tax Advantages – EPAct Code Section 179D
Cost Segregation

Highly Respected For Senior Corporate Management And Entrepreneurial Experience With Effective Application In:
Cost Effective Operational Implementation
Problem Solving
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning and Implementation Through Integration and Collaboration of Products, Technologies and Systems

Directing The Application Of A Ground Up Sustainability Program With A Minimum “Gold” LEED Certification (Platinum Objective) At Initial Opening Of A Hospitality Product.

Spearheading Renewable Energy Applications Within Hospitality Properties, As A Financial Vehicle, To Fund Sustainability Programs On A Broader Scale.

Developing Public Awareness And Marketing Plans Demonstrating The Efforts And Accomplishments Of Each Sustainability Program Implemented.

Guest Speaking Engagements To Hospitality Management Groups:
Water Smart Innovations Conference 2013
NFMT Conference 2013

Understanding Sustainability
The Value of Sustainability
The Government and Public Demands for Sustainability
The Impact of Sustainability on all Stakeholder Interests
Sustainability is a Component of Value Creation in Hospitality
Sustainability is an Economic Engine for creating Added Asset Value and Reduced Operating Costs in Hospitality
Essential ingredients for Sustainability Impact through Integration and Collaboration Strategies
Sustainability is a pathway to Greater Asset Liquidity

Thiel College – Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Duquesne University and The University of Pittsburgh – Graduate studies in Business Administration, Marketing and Economics
University of California Irvine, CA. – Continued Studies Environmental Studies