Window Film Completed

December 31,2012 – CEO Chuck Smith of Hotel Sustainability Solutions, Inc. (HSSI) announces the completion of the Window Film Application to the Hilton Concord’s east & west facing 11 story tower elevations. Window Innovations installed window film on approximately 329 guest rooms and entrance ways totaling 12,300 square feet. The installation has reduced the transmission of solar, infrared and ultraviolet from 67.67% to only 16.4%  enabling the room temperatures to change from 7-10 degrees and acting as a heat shield for heat loss. Combined with the guest room and public space- Pelican Energy Management System-   a change of the room temperature setbacks will generate significant energy savings. PG&E provided a rebate of $16,560.45 as an incentive towards the cost of implementing the initiative by HSSI.

This implementation is one of 33 sustainability initiatives implemented by HSSI on behalf of ownership, Interstate Hotels & Resorts Worldwide at the Hilton Concord, Concord, CA and demonstrates Interstate’s commitment to achieving Sustainability Leadership in the hospitality industry.  The Hilton Concord is Interstates ”Sustainability Flagship.”